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How To Decorate A Yellow Living Room

How to Decorate A Yellow Living Room – For sure, the splash of yellow can bring a refreshing accent of color into just any room. When applied in a living room, yellow can create nice impression which is inviting and calming. You can use yellow walls in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom to bring the brightness of sun to your living. Typical pale, muted shade of yellow, just like buttercup yellow or pale yellow, can pair nicely with terracotta and cream-toned curtains. Use accent pieces as well as decorations which can complement the tones of your walls and curtains in the living room.

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Coordinating the trim

You can paint the baseboards, trim, and the window moldings in a nice color coordinating paint. A bright, light color can complement the yellow living room and matches your curtain without adding in too much of the same tone. You can resort to a paint shade which matches the cream shade of the curtain. Terracotta is darker tone, reminiscent of the colors of brick, which pairs perfectly with lighter yellow shades. For a fancy twist on the shade ideas, you had better use cream paint on the baseboards and the trim, yet you need to opt for a terracotta tone for the window molding. Be sure that you paint the moldings around the ceiling as well, if there is ceiling molding.

Black and White

No matter whether you like bright lemon yellow or pale butter tone on your living room walls, you should bring in the shades of black and white. As paired with the lighter curtain and wall colors, the black and white pieces appear dramatic and bold. Place a white chair close to the window with small black throw pillow on the top. Using black floor lamp will help you to provide some additional illumination and works as a decorating accent. Even just a black vase which is filled with newly cut white flowers can become a perfect focal point when set against the lighter tones.

Brass Accents

Make sure that you add a few decorative brass elements around the room, resorting to antique brass with some weathered finishing. The brass does play off the natural light of the yellow since the walls catch the natural undertones of the bras on the yellow walls. The darker tarnished or weathered brass will keep the brightness from confusing the space. Newer brass and cleaned one have a much brighter patina which can catch light. In this case, the light reflection of the light surrounding the room brightens the living room yellow wals and gives the space a sunny look.

Bringing in More Colors

Make sure that you decorate the room with few touches of other colors. Both violet and paler shades of blue, just like cornflower blue, can complement of yellow and the colors used in the curtains. Muted shades of brick red will highlight terracotta tones in the curtains. You can use framed artwork, bring in some fresh flowers with the same tones, and arrange pillows on the pieces of furniture.


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