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How To Decorate A Square Living Room

How to Decorate a Square Living Room – In square living room, every wall is important, which makes it even more challenging to decorate. However a large square living room affords more options for the arrangement of furniture than small one. Design and decorate the room in a way which best suits your style.

Small Square Living Rooms

Square living rooms are oftentimes small homes, studio apartments, and condos. When you work with small room, every single inch of the area counts. Even though a common rule of thumb for arranging the furniture is simply to pull the seating furniture away from the walls and then float it in the area, this sometimes is not a good option.

Using Large Furniture Pieces

The best thing you can do about design rules is that most of these can be broken. Although that sounds rather counterintuitive, relying on large-scale piece of furniture in small room can really make the area even more spacious.


Ideas on Decorating Boxy Living Room

How to Decorate a Square Living Room – You can use large sectional sofa for filling a corner in small square living room which mixes living space with dining room or kitchen. You had better resort to low-profile, modern style with sleek, and clean lines. In order to compensate for large piece, you need to use wall sconces rather than of end tables adorned with lamps. Should you need more idea, twin ottoman can serve as coffee table or additional seating if required.

Downsizing the Furniture

Particularly, furniture should be chosen in scale with the size of living room, meaning small, light, and airy pieces will work best in small areas. In order to do so, you can choose futon, a loveseat, or even daybed which can fill the role of sofa in small boxy living room without necessarily taking up as much space, or that can double as your bed.  leggy and light accent chairs that have less visual weight are much easier to move than are bulky arm chairs.

Fancy transparent look? Now it is time to go for see-through furniture, such as recamiers, coffee tables, and clear acrylic chairs which make small living rooms feel even more spacious.

Adding Interest and Depth

Walls with equal size do not have to appear the same. Rather, they can create special appeals. There are several ideas that you can try in this regard. First, create unexpected point using wallpaper right behind the sofa and then put a mirror so as to provide the feeling of depth. Also, you can include boldly toned accent wall behind your fireplace or TV, which will break up the existing monotony of equally sized walls. Another idea you can try is floor-to-ceiling decoration. Shelving set on one wall will make use of the vertical space while at the same time drawing focus away from the symmetrical walls. Need some accent? This is indeed great to perfect the wall. You can accent square living room with a lot of houseplants. Use foliage to fill corners and fool eyes with the impression of extra space in the area.

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