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How To Decorate Bookshelves In Living Room

Bookshelves in Living RoomBookshelves can do double duty as storage space for favourite books and showcase space for your accessories. Should you plan to put your bookshelves in your living room, you need to learn how to arrange the shelves so they can be both fully functional and pleasant to the eyes.

Everything set in the display

In order to style a bookshelf to its perfection, you need to resist the urge to pack in the accessories on every shelf. Make sure that you keep a clean appearance by simply opting for a one-tone or even tone-on-tone scheme for figurines and vases, and make sure that you mix up the shapes. Most of the time, you need to step back to evaluate the overall balance of your entire arrangement of the space. Set items off-center or you can try smaller or larger ones until you like what you see.

Next, you can set built-in bookshelves which surround the doorway. This will work great, yet can be quite tricky. You need to start by filling the top lines with books. Alternate any remaining nooks with creatively packed accessories and books.

If you want to add interest to your collection of books, you need to alternate the stacking books vertically and horizontaly. Bold-toned picture frame will make fascinating bookends and also help your photographs to stand out on your shelves.

Mod shelves can call for a sparse appearance, so you need to group together small set of books which are all of fairly uniformed size. Accessorize with streamlined vases, which will leave a lot of open space on the shelves to let your accessories shine through.

In order to give your living room shelves an organized look, you need to gather a wide variety of collectibles and set them between your books, which creates symmetry. If you want to have a picture frame in one bookshelf, mirror it with collectible of the same size and shape. In a wall of shelves, it is essential to scatter books in order to punctuate the look.

Carry your preferred color scheme onto your bookshelf in order to give the space a sense of unity and uniformity. In this case, accent accessories on the shelves can match the light blue wall tone. storage boxes can hide such items as toys and movies which you may not want appear in the open.

Make sure you utilize built-in bookcase as fashionable as well as functional headboard. Baskets can hold lotions and eyeglasses, which leaves a lot of room for library of nighttime readings. You can add more interest with adjustable reading lights that are mounted inside the bookcase. Hang your favourite piece of artwork on the front of the shelf for visual impact.

The last idea you can try is to add printed fabric or wallpaper to the back wall of your shelves that creates unique look and easy a way to personalize your bookcase. You can add woven baskets and decorating storage boxes to organize magazines and maintain clean look.

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