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How To Decorate Living Room Walls With Pictures

Living Room Walls with Pictures

Decorating your house as well as the areas, such as the living room, with pictures and any other forms of artworks is indeed a simple way to display your family’s interests, and you can set or coordinate the design the plan for the room. Also, you can show off your family with one lovely portrait in formal living room or wall bank of some pictures of old family in more casual styled living room. You can decorate your living room walls using pictures to fit your lifestyle and perfect your entire decoration plan.

Tips on Perfecting Your Living Room with Pictures

First, you can take the pictures of local scenes and local landscapes to adorn the space, or you can simple enlarge the photos from favorite holiday when decorating the living room walls. Try framing 3 to 5 10-by-8 inch pictures in matching or similar frames, and line them in proper way to cover large wall. Botanicals are perfect for this kind of wall treatment. Mats can be the different or the same colors, yet should definitely coordinate with the tones of the room and image set in the picture. If the mats are dissimilar, the frames have to be the same to bring the images together.

Make wall bank of white-and-black family photos for decorating large wall in your living room. Frame and then mat the pictures the same way. If you have four-by-six inch pictures, you need to use eight-by-ten-inch frames with large mats. The shades of red, white, black, or silver matting will work very well with black-and-white images. You can have at least 3 pictures set across, and six or five down to create large square of framed images evenly spaced at the bottom and the top. A laser level is useful when you hang pictures in excellent alignment.How to Decorate Living Room Walls with Pictures 2

Hang oversize family portrait over your fireplace or right behind the sofa in the living room. You need to decorate the rest of the walls in the living room with mirrors and any type of picture which is not your family. The large portrait should dominate the whole room, so just let it stand by itself on a wall with landscapes or botanicals decorating the other walls.

Have some pictures custom framed at your local frame store. You can learn how to save your money and custom your frame pictures with the assistance of various online tutorials.

The last point to note is decorating with pictures which match the size of your room. Hanging one or two small pictures will be lost in large living room; a large picture can really overpower small living room. Make sure that you choose a wall to hang your pictures on. You need to choose a wall which receives moderate amount of sunlight. That will draw focus on the picture groupings. Set the pictures out on several newspaper on the floor so as to experiment with options of arrangements. When you group pictures, you need to try to way in which you can balance them.

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