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How To Decorate Living Room With Sectional Sofa

Decorate Living Room with Sectional Sofa

Decorate Living Room with Sectional Sofa

A small and crimped living room is oftentimes hard to decorate because of its size. To deal with the issue, using sectional sofa is indeed perfect for small living room decoration since they can replace both a loveseat and a full-size sofa. The sectional couch or sofa appears compact, but it still can accommodate a large crowd in a comfy sitting area. You had better choose a sectional sofa which can fit the size of your living room and represent your personal décor style, which serves as the crux of your house decoration plan.

What You Need to Know about Sectional Sofa in Small Living Room


You first need to determine the overall decoration styles in you house, such as shabby chi, modern, elegant, or minimalist. You need to choose sectional sofa that can reflect the style you want the most. For instance, if you are after a modern setting in your living room, you need to choose a sectional sofa which has a geometric form and can sit low to the floor; for a more elegant setting, you had better opt for a sectional sofa equipped with large and smooth cushions which are accented by carved dark wood surrounding.

Another point to note is determining the sort of fabric you want to use for covering your sofa in, be it oft fabric or leather. Choose patterned ones in simple design which can complement the rest of your living room. Make sure that you choose smaller scale of your preferred style furnishing pieces as these will maintain the style while at the same time fitting perfectly in the space.

Decorate Living Room with Sectional Sofa 2

Decorate Living Room with Sectional Sofa 2


Decide also what colors that the sectional sofa you would like to showcase. Bear in mind that dark tones will make small rooms look smaller. You had better, instead, choose light and harmonious tones to make the small space feel larger and lighter. Neutral tones are not going to appear distracting and they can blend just perfectly well into any seating design. if you want to show color but do not want your sofa to look over exaggerated, you have to choose one in neutral tone and then place colorful throw pillows on it or just a couple of colorful cushions in your small living room. Include only accent tones which can complement other tones that are used in your decoration plan.

Size and Shape

The size of your sectional sofa has to fit the scale of your room. For small living room, sectional sofa should be small enough to fit in and easily walk around into the sitting area. Some sectional sofas even come in L-shapes and half-moon shapes. You have to decide on shape which best complements the size and shape of your living room without necessarily taking up much space. Bear in mind that you do not have to use sectional sofa as a single large piece; depending on the size and shape of your living room you may have better outcomes by setting the different sections of your sofa facing each other rather than attached.

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