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How To Decorate Long, Narrow Living Room

 Narrow Living Room 2

Narrow Living Room

In living rooms which are not more spacious than a bowling alley, the design options and furniture arrangements may be so limited, particular design and decoration plans may even imped toot walk around and traffic flow or simple male the space appear longer than it actually looks. Defeats the design dilemmas of such a long, narrow living room by simply breaking the area into several sections so as to create a more inviting and intimate seating sites and vignettes.

Step One

You need to find the living room’s focal point on the longer part of the wall, rather than on the end one. Focal point on the end wall will merely serve to make the space appear even longer. In a living room which already has focal point on end wall, such as picture window that is set there or a fireplace, will create small seating site facing it, then it will also bring in another eye-catching feature, such as a piece of artwork or a flat-screen TV, right in the center of the longer part of the living room walls so as to refocus the attention of the space.

Step Two

You can create stations in the space which serves various function, such as a reading site, writing desk, or a place to watch your TV. For instance, you can arrange the main sitting sit right in the center of the space, then bring in two chairs which are set to face the fireplace or the picture window you set on the end of the long part and small writing desk put on the other. By that, you can assure perfect balance on every part of the walls.

 Narrow Living Room 2

Narrow Living Room 2

Step Three

At this juncture, you can use a number of area rugs in order to further divide the spaces. One particular easy ways to break up the floor visually is to put down various yet coordinating area rugs, such as the rugs with the same design pattern yet still with a different dominant tone. Each rug will define its own area and also break up the existing bowling-alley look of the space. The other point that is worth noticing here is that you have to avoid using runners and instead stick to round and square area rugs.

Step Four

You need to take into account the traffic pattern of the space as you decide how to arrange the furniture pieces you want to set in the living room. Avoid setting furniture pieces in the way of glaring traffic patterns, and then group the furniture pieces in accordance with those paths that are frequently walked through. For instance, you need to avoid setting your television on a certain wall where there is always heavy traffic on daily basis or arrangements which result in a walkway that can simply cut through the main seating area.

So and so, long and narrow walls in a living room can for sure pose certain hardships when dealing with decoration. however, that does not mean you cannot orchestrate with your decoration aesthetics.

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