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How To Decorate My Living Room Walls

Living Room Walls

Living Room Walls

Living room decoration projects focusing on the walls offers special focal point for just any design component or decoration. Most living room wall decorations are actually based off of the tone of carpeting, color of the living room walls, and the overall decoration theme of the whole house. From country to contemporary, applying living room wall decoration to a certain space will add the sense of purpose and style.

Essential Tips on Living Room Wall Decor

The wall decorations in living room can be implemented to highlight plain walls by bringing in a design element which will create contrast and draw the eyes in. Should you look for a great way to showcase your family photos and your awards alongside metal or iron sconces which are filled with some decorative candles, wall decorations can be perfect way for so doing. When set in a living room, one can simply rely on the wall decoration accent element and curtains so as to complement the space’s style. You living room wall decoration plan can be made secured to the wall using sticky adhesive; for a metal accent, you can use small tack nail which can be hammered into the wall for support.

Some of the distinctive kinds of living room wall décor include candle holders, mirrors, baskets, clocks, floral wreaths, plates on plate rack. Floral swags, bookshelves, shelves, and decorative prints and arts. Running water wall fountains can be a fascinating wall décor element, since they can provide the tranquil nuance of running water and with the inclusion of an accent light, wall fountain can really be enjoyed during the days and nights. Most of decorating items are made out of light metal or wooden component so that they can be hung easily on your wall without necessarily putting pressure on any underlying studs.

Some of the distinctive elements of living room wall décor might cover a mirror selection along with sconces for holding some candles. Should you want to obtain a more country styled look in your living room, you need to set a grape vine wreath with some yellow flowers as well as cranberries that are highlighted with gingham ribbon, which may hang from walls near cozy chair or couch. Bookshelves which are attached to the wall may contain vintage or antique styled books which are combined with antique teacupsas well as small porcelain dolls in order to create vintage look on your living room walls.

living room walls design

living room walls design

The overall size of your living room décor may vary per size of your existing walls. Including some copper wall art sconces which bend and twist into a certain design can be several inches in circumference and may even take up a whole wall. One large collection of family pictures in variety of pewter image frames can also by including by scattering them on your living room walls. the last point to note is to put decorate lanterns which can accent your living room, which will be great addition in small hallway or hang them on walls between the rooms for a more lighted decorating flair.

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