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How To Decorate Small Living Room Space

Small Living Room Space 2

Small Living Room Space 2

A small space can be quite a challenge to decorate and organize, yet the task is still possible. Using the space that you have in your small living room is indeed important to assure that you do not end up overcrowding your living room. If you are at all interested in decorating and organizing your rather cramped living room space, read on and find out the ideas you can apply.

Store Unused Stuffs

You can take out just anything that does not belong in the living room. That may mean clothing, toys, books, or anything which you would usually keep in another room. You know, de-cluttering the area denotes an important task to do beforehand that when you start the decoration in the living space, you will work with only the essentials for that room and not trying to keep the cluttering things.

You should remove just everything from your living room and then simply put it in another space for the time being. That will help you to organize everything in a clean slate, so that you can see the whole space that you are working with and you can also have fresh start.

Small Living Room Space 3

Small Living Room Space 3

Consider Extra Seating

You need to avoid furniture which is just meant for show. For more seating, you had better have long couch as well as loveseat, or sectional. You need to avoid single seating, such as chairs, or recliners. Place the furniture against the walls and make sure that they are pointed at certain area. Let me give you example. If you have long sofa against the wall, you will need your TV on opposite wall, with loveseat on an adjacent walls. You need to buy a storage ottoman, which may store stuff and be used for the seating when you need it. If there is coffee table, you need place that right in the center of your space so that the furniture is set around it in order to put drinks as well as things on.

The other thing you need to do is measuring the coffee table and purchasing storage bins which will fit underneath. That is a perfect way to use the space that you would not use, otherwise. You can also make a dust ruffle or table cloth for the coffee table to hide your storage bins.

Small Living Room Space

Small Living Room Space


You need to put lighting on your ceiling. Floor lights and lamps can create unnecessary clutter. As such, you had better stick with a ceiling light, such as track lighting, or fan with light. This way, you can make sure that your room can be lit well, without necessarily sacrificing the space.

Bear in mind that you had better keep your accessories minimal and not overcrowded. If you work with small living room, you do not want to bring in too many large accent pieces. You had better try adding flair with some decorative hangings which will not take up any space, and little pieces such as scented candles which may sit right in the middle of the coffee table.



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