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How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

Living Room Walls 1

Living Room Walls 1

Plain living room walls can really make the space look so boring or sterile- more like a medical office than is a house which reflects the style. You can jazz up the drab walls by simply decorating them using paint, your own artwork, or homemade decals. To help you out, I would like to share what I have seen when professional decorators design living room with small space.

Stripes, Tape-Based Treatments, and Chevrons

You can turn up the whole visual volume on two or one walls by giving these the treatment of stripes or chevrons. You had better keep the project walls the same tone as the other painted walls, or you can opt for another base tone which pairs with them well. When the base tone is dry, you can apply strips of painter’s tape so as to plot out the pattern for diagonal stripes, vertical stripes, chevrons, or geometric stripes. You can paint on new design shade, and then peel away the tape before your paint entirely dries.

Create Fascinating Silhouettes

You can create silhouettes of birch tree trunks, branches, or a city skyline by simply sketching the picture in chalk right away on the wall, tracing its outline in your desired color, and then filling in the design fully with paint. Warm gray or white silhouettes, instead of black or dark tones, you can add ambient warmth to the living space, enhancing the whole decoration in your living room. If you cannot paint on the walls-for example, in a rental house-you may create the silhouettes using light-colored contact paper which can be simply peeled away when you like. Add also a few smaller silhouettes, such as a bird in flight, for more extra decoration element.

Living Room Walls

Living Room Walls

Eclectic Collections

You can showcase a grouping of the items such art or pictures in different picture frames on a wall for the existing eclectic enhancement to your living room. You need to paint all the frames with the same tone before you hang them. As an alternative, you can hang half of them one shade, and half another. Arrange the classification on the floor first so as to make sure that you are satisfied with the look before you attach them to the walls. The other items such as vintage wood cheese containers or wooden crates may also be used as both makeshift shelving and decorative element. You can use wall anchors when you repurpose items as shelves in order to help them deal with the weight of the books or the other decorative pieces.

Personalized Panels

You can create your own style wall by painting large picture, such as your city skyline, over 3 separate canvas panels, and just hang them so as to create focal wall. Enlarge some photocopied images of favourite vacation during your holiday and give them the same treatment, by using canvas or panels of foam used as the backing material, gluing them to the backing material. If you use foam, you need to cover the sides using decorative paper or fabric.




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