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How To Furnish Small Living Rooms

Furnish Small Living Rooms 1

Furnish Small Living Rooms 1

When dealing with arranging your furniture pieces in rather cramped and small living room, you may face a number of obstacles. How you set the furniture can really determine whether the space looks inviting or cluttered and crowded. There are several design elements which can get your living room the feel of airiness and space. Maximizing the traffic flow and ridding your space of clutter are indeed essential factors. In addition, you should not overlook the use of lighting, which can enlarge your living room visually. The color scheme in this regard is so important. By taking in into account these elements, you can have living space which has certain style as well as theme and looks even more spacious and airy.

The Essentials in Furnishing Small Living Room

Focal Point

All right, let us start with the focal point of the living room. You should determine the focal point right. You may opt for setting the existing entertainment center as the focal point, a fireplace, or a piece of furniture. Placing the chosen piece at one particular end of the space. You need to bear in mind arranging the rest of the furniture pieces in a way which can complement the focal point chosen.

Conversation Area

Need conversation space? Well everyone does, I believe. In this case, arranging a conversation site right opposite the focal point will create a more inviting space. That could be the couch, sofa, or smaller chairs with one table set between them. Should you want to put more chairs, pull them out from the walls at slight angle which faces each other. If you are planning to line all of your furniture pieces up against the walls, the space will take on a boxy appearance which emphasizes its limited size. If there is a need to extend the conversation area, you can then further define the conversation area by laying an area rug right under or perhaps in the front of your sofa or the chairs. When dealing with the color scheme, you need to keep the colors in your area rug soft so that does not create dividing impact into the area. Place the other sofa or chairs so they will complement that arrangement. You should, ideally, be able to seat five to six people.

Furnish Small Living Rooms

Furnish Small Living Rooms


The Lighting is indeed important in a living space since it will give the illusion of airiness and space. You should have a least 3 sources of lighting, which may include floor lamps, table lamps, windows, and overhead lighting. You can use mirrors for reflecting the light and giving the space an illusion impact. Need some mirrors? That will do, but make sure that you no hang more than two mirrors on the wall opposite the light source, which will make space look even larger.

Opt for a palette of the softer neutral tones for the walls, major elements of the furniture, and window treatment. That will give the space a feeling of airiness and spaciousness. You can also, I you like, add pattern and brighter tone with smaller accessories.


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