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How To Lay Out A Living Room With Kitchen Combo

How to Lay out a Living Room with Kitchen Combo – An open plan design of architecture for apartments and houses eliminates the walls between the rooms. There is particular challenge in creating a fascinating living room or kitchen layout, which is related to incorporate the kitchen appliances and the utility areas into certain plan which allow more functional use of the existing elements while at the same time mixing interestingly into the living space of the house. Attractive cabinetry, visual barriers, and integrated appliances will enable a seamless flow between the areas and spark an unobstructed and warm living space or kitchen combo in a house.

Combining The Living Room and Kitchen

Layout the essential kitchen work space in a work triangle with the fridge, stove, and sink at each point of hypothetical triangle. Every side of the triangle should be nearly nine feet long. You need to put the sink at the point which faces living space for partial barrier. You should consider building a riser right behind the sink to limit the view of the sink from your living space and to create counter top bar, which will create nice look in the living room. You can always extend the lip if your bar outwards into your living space at least 6 inches in order to accommodate the bar stools. You can always place the sink at the spot furthest away in case you plan the kitchen entirely open to your living space.

More Layout Ideas for Living Space

First thing you need to do is to arrange and rearrange. Every house owner has individual preference when dealing with arranging their furniture pieces. Some like to take the time and plan out every single detail. For those, I suggest starting off with scaled drawing of the area, measuring the furniture elements existing in the space and also making scale cutouts of each element to play with. It is much easier and simpler on your back to plan on paper than to actually move the furniture elements.

There is one particular different route for those that prefer to work spontaneously. You had better block out a good hour, bring friends along or some family, and really move everything around. You can move out everything which is easy to move first, simply to get a new look of the space. And then you can switch it all up-even take out the area rug in order to see what the space looks like if you do not set it there. Every time you come up with new configuration, you should take a moment to sit down and then see how it feels.

There are few things that you need to bear in mind, regardless of what arrangement that you decide on:

  1. You need to keep 15-to-18-inch space between your coffee table and upholstery
  2. You need to ensure you have two to four feet of walking space in the main pathway
  3. If you resort to your furniture set on a certain angle, you need to know that it will take more extra space

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