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How To Place A Rug In A Living Room

How to Place A Rug in A Living Room – Having an area rug is indeed essential addition to just any room as this defines the area and improves the room’s decoration. Rug can pull the furniture pieces together and unify the whole furniture pieces set on it or can define the areas between the rooms if your floor plans are made to be more open. Rug can also coordinate patterns and tones and bring together the details of decoration so as to make the space feel a lot more finished. It can accentuate the tones of the space and anchor the furniture to give the space more finished appearance. Where you need to set the rug in your living room is important issue to address.

Making Sure You Choose the Right Rug

Before you place the rug, it is essential to choose the right sized rug. The rug has to pull the living room furnishing pieces layout. Putting one single small rug in the middle of a configuration of furniture pieces will draw much attention to the rug and not enough to the pieces of furniture surrounding the rug. In addition it is also important to choose seating before you but a rug since it will be a lot simpler as well as easier to find out the size and the pattern of the right rug. Before you place the rug, you need to ensure that all the furniture pieces are set as how you want them in the living room.

All in or Some?

There is actually some dispute as to whether the furniture in living room has to be set fully onto the rug or if just the front legs has to hit the rug while its back rests on the tiles or wood. Either is fine, depending on the style that you are attempting to achieve. The setting of the rug will depend on the size of your living room. Proper placement can make your living room appear a lot smaller or bigger.

Placing just the front legs onto the rug will work fine in most circumstances. It is particularly nice when the rug is the same tone serving as the flooring. It is also feasible to combine the look with certain front legs on your rug in the living room. This plan works quite well when the couch or sofa has its front legs on rug and the existing chairs have all of their legs on the rug. Commonly this kind of placement appears better when the rug is in contrasting shade to the floor underneath it and the space is larger. Setting all the pieces of furniture onto the rug will make the room appear the most unified together.

Changing the Look of Your Living Room

In order to change the look up in large living room, you need to bring a number of smaller rugs into the area under more than a single seating arrangement. The small rug can really make the space appear even more comfortable and cozier. In addition, the statement rug can be set on top of larger one. There is actually no rule of thumb for placing rug in your living room. The only guide is making sure that the space appears comfy.


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