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How To Place An Area Rug In A Living Room

How to Place An Area Rug in A Living Room – An area rug can be perfect addition to any style of living room. Unluckily, knowing where you should place your flooring accessory is not always the easy part in your living room decoration. I have a few guidelines that can help you to enhance your living room and set the new rug in perfect spot, so you do not need to get panic. Just follow the simple rules and you will be on your way to find the perfect placement of your area rug in your living room.

Front Legs Set on the Rug

A common rule which appears to work across the board is to assure that your area rug can stretch far to slip under the front 2 legs of all furniture pieces. The area rug will connect with the pieces of furniture and bring the whole room together without necessarily swamping the edifice of the floor space.

Equal Spacing on the Floor

A living space rug can play a really important role on which it is placed. It oftentimes can be the most striking piece of decoration pieces in the room and thus should be perfectly placed. Not only will you be required to make sure that your rug is the central focus in relation to your furnishing yet you will want to ensure that there is equal amount of space around theoutside of your area rug.

Well Sized to the Room

One of the most general mistake when purchasing and placing living room area rug is going with too small an area rug; a rug which is to small for a living room will surely look out of place and draw the attention away from your decorating living space otherwise. Before you buy an area rug, you need to take a few minutes so as to measure the area that you plan to place it in and bear in mind the smallest size that you are willing to pay. That will save you from bringing the new purchase home and needing to maneuver the pieces of furniture around poorly fitted area rug.

Deciding Proper Focal Point

You need to bear in mind that an area rug can oftentimes become the main focal point in a space; eyes will surely be drawn to just any rug which is placed in the center of just any living space and as a corollary you have to be really careful to ensure your area rug balance. You need to make sure that there is equality and centrality between the space that is covered by the rug and that not covered by the rug. Plus you need to bear in mind that this is also applicable to the pieces of furniture that you place on top of the rug. You have to ensure that the rug is placed centrally and site right in line with the rest of the space furniture. you need to think about the style of the area rug that you choose and if opting for bold patterned variety then make sure that it will not clash with the other decorative elements.


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