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How To Layout Your Living Room

How to Layout Your Living Room – No matter whether you are building new house, redesigning the existing living space or just rearranging your furniture pieces that you already have, laying out the existing living room is best carried out with a precise plan of décor in mind. It may appear like simple matter of moving and rolling chair over here or there and then squishing your couch over there, yet even the most straightforward parts of the area planning can get be so sophisticated rapidly. Just before you start to do any heavy lifting, you need to consider the following useful living room layout tricks.


You need to analyze how you spend your time in the living space. Kippie Leland, a Nashville interior designer, recommends writing down every single thing which you plan to do in the space. That will help you prioritize when you reach your furniture planning phase. Afterward, you need to consider the conversation and traffic flow. How would you like to enter the room? Move among chairs? Walk around the corner of the space? You will never want to feel captivated or trapped or feel as if you were making some laps around the space in order to get out or in. also, you should not locate the back of your sofa by the room’s entry, said Andrea Schumacher, a Colorado interior designer. That should be set up so you and your family members can walk in and out the space pretty easily. The last thing you need to take into account is not to leave too much space between the seats, so the conversation will flow easily.

Playing with Arrangement and Rearrangement

Everybody surely has individual preference when it deals with arranging furniture. Some house designers like to spend their time and plan out the details of the area. For those, I suggest them to start off with some scaled drawing of the living room, measure the furniture inside, and make to-scale cutouts of every piece to arrange. It is much simpler and easier on your part to rearrange on drawing paper than to move the furniture pieces right away.

There is different route for people that prefer the spontaneity. Just block out one good hour or some, invite some friends along or your relatives, and move everything around. You should move out everything which is easy to move first, assuring that you can get new view for the space. Afterward, you need to switch things all up. Every time you have a new configuration, you need to take some moment to sit down and then evaluate how it feels.

Ensuring Things to Scale

All house designers put more emphasis on the furniture size in living room. Properly scaled furniture can help you to make or break the space. Having too much space or too little space can really throw off the existing look as well as feeling of the space. Simple because the scale and size of furniture pieces appears right at the store does not mean that it will fit right in your living space.


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