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How To Arrange A Living Room With A Fireplace

Do not let poorly planned furniture arrangement in your house interfere with your fireplace’s right to become the center of the eyes. Even though living room designs will differ in size, shape, and the available wall space, you need to have various ways when arranging the sofa, tables, and side chairs so they will appear comfortably set, and not thoughtlessly crammed in the space, in the fireplace’s way or spread out in random—establishing the fireplace as the focal point in the living room.

Living Room with A Fireplace

Tight Sites

Even just small living room with fireplace can have huge design energy. You can group compact furniture which is the same as the way you would if the fireplace  were a TV- particularly if you are working on arranging the setting for cooler seasons when some flickering flames will be the mesmerizing part of the living space’s attraction; in small living room, presumably the best or the only site for flat-screen TV is just over the mantel.

You can anchor the setting with an area rug. Make sure that you avoid the space-wasting round or oval rug, and you had better opt for space-thrifty rectangle or square, which depends on the living room’s shape.

Angular Arrangement

The corner fireplace or angular room pose slight design challenges, yet do not let either set your furniture pieces off course. Depending on your living room’s size, the proximity to other spaces and configuration, such as the dining room, you may need to square the arrangement with your fireplace front, which ignores the living room’s shape; simply angle the seating or you can use compact sectional to shape a V out from your space’s focal point; or just leave open sight-line for both living space loungers and dining tables dwellers so as to enjoy the fabulous cracking flames. Depending on the living room’s space, an area rug or two can really make sense of irregular setting. Again, you can use the living room’s size as well as shape- narrow and long or choppy and short—as an area rug’s selection guide.

Living Room with A Fireplace

Living Room with A Fireplace

Bold and Big

You may think of having a lot of square feet equates to adjust the freedom. But, a large space is quite challenging to fill and decorate without creating a cluttered or overstuffed, or a “barren-wasteland” impact. You can pull the furniture pieces away from your walls, which leaves at least hallway-width path between the surrounding walls and fireplace, when it is possible.

For overly large living space, you can pull the grouping even further from your fireplace, which keeps it square with the space’s focal point. Set a small area rug with a pair of chairs set on a certain angle with the fireplace as if framing or flanking it- in order to help you to fill the created area, when needed. You can decorate the wall existing around and also above your fireplace so as to limit possible visual distractions. There are two important points that you can take into account here. Let the fireplace decide the furniture style:

  1. Sleek and leggy pieces will go a long, low, and contemporary built-in pieces.
  2. Plush and classic pieces of furniture can complement a traditional stone or brick fireplace.


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