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How to Feng Shui Your Living Room

In order to harmonize the living room in our house, in accordance with feng shui principles, you should pay more attention to such details as room features and furniture placement, fireplace, extra door or high ceiling. It is actually best if you can orchestrate with feng shui essentials during the phase of building the space, or even better, the whole house. If not, then you may have to implement remedies in order to cure some unexpected aspects of the area. Well, in the best of situations, you will get the balance of 3 elements of your room décor and design.

Feng Shui Your Living Room

Feng Shui Your Living Room

Compass Direction and Compass

In accordance with feng shui, the best tone for living room is highly dependent on the compass direction, which is relative to the rest of the house. To find the compass direction, try standing right in the center of the house and then hold compass. Commonly, each direction has certain corresponding color, yet the colors for south (red) and north (black and blue) are not the best option for the palette of living room. If the living space is on the south part of your house, you should consider painting your walls one shade of green, which appears to be wood tone. If it is in the north, you had better opt for gray, which is the tone of metal. Beige and white are safe ones no matter the direction of your living space faces.

 The Furniture Placement: The Importance of Creating Focus

The furniture in the living space has to create the center of focus, and in order to help those that come into the space feel even more comfy, you need to ensure that the chairs and sofa be in the so called empowered position. That means that they face the door, yet are not in front of the door directly. Feng shui frowns on setting a TV in living room, since it will interfere the focus of the space. If you want to have one, you should cover it by having a wall hanging, or you can also use DVD player to set the scene, such as a fireplace or an aquarium. If you want to display certain scene, you should choose one which will balance the energies inside. For instance, aquarium can be soothing influence in south-facing space with prominent fireplace.

The Positive Chi Flow

Chi or energy ideally should flow in the primary entrance and then circulate in positive way, and the features which may mitigate against this flow include doors facing each other and high ceilings. If you notice another door straight in front of you as you come in, it is best to keep the door shut or to use some screen, furniture, or plant so as to interrupt the flow of energy, otherwise, all the positive energy which comes in the room will go right out again. The high ceilings function in the same way, bring these down by using low-hanging pendant lights or setting artwork low on your walls.

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