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How Big should TV Be for Living Room (12+ Ideas)


How Bigshould TV Be for Living Room? Choosing a TV for your living room will depend on a couple of important factors, including your budget plan and the size of the space. While the budget may be the ultimate factor in the deciding factor, if you want immersive entertainment experience, the size of the TV should be highly dependent on how far you can sit from the screen.

Viewing Distance as well as Optimal Screen Size

For optimal viewing experience, reliable rule for choosing the best size of TV is the viewing distance, which is how far you will sit form your TV under usual watching condition. These days, HDTVs provide more detail, so you can sit even closer to the TV, yet not so close that you can spot the screen pixels. For sure, you do not want to sit so far away that you will miss any of the fascinating details. To help you out, here is a formula which makes it so simple:

Viewing Distance (set in inches) divided tree = the recommended TV size

For instance, if you are usually sitting ten feet from your TV, that is 120 inches, you need to divide 120 by 3 and your recommended screen size is 40 inches. Bear in mind that is the diagonal measurement of the TV screen.

HDTV Sizes for A Crowded Space

If your living space is used more than simply watching TV, space may be rather limited. For crowded spaces, you need to consider 40-inch screen TV if you sit 4 to 6 feet from your TV. A 50-inch TV is sufficient if you are up to 7.5 feet from your TV. If you are six to nine feet away, you need to take into account at least 60-inch TV.

The Viewing Angles

The viewing angles are just another essential concern when you buy HDTV for living space. Ideally, your T should be set parallel to the eyes, with no more than fifteen-degree angle down or up and no more than forty-degree angle to the right or left. If you sit at a sharp angle to your TV, you may spot negative images on your TV. Most major TV producers will tell you the optimum viewing angles at which you watch the TV pictures. For instance, 170/70 angle measurement indicates that you still can see good image 170 degrees down or up from the TV center.

TV Screen Size and its Resolution

The larger a TV screen, the more important TV screen resolution will be. For HDTV which is forty inches or even smaller, 720 pixel resolution may be enough. But, once you get to fifty-inch TV or even larger, you will see real difference between 720 pixel and 1080 pixel. Depending on TV model you choose, 720 pixel HDTV will get you 1366 by 768 pixels, 1024 by 768 pixels, or 1280 by 720 pixels. An HDTV with 1080 pixel resolution, which is also known as full HD, offers a fascinating 1920 by 1080 pixels. Full HD gets more noticeable on game console, true HD cable, and Blu-ray discs.


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