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How to Arrange Living Room Furniture in A Small Space (60+ Ideas)


Without a doubt, arranging the pieces of furniture in small space can pose several decoration and arrangement challenges. How you set the pieces of furniture will decide on whether the space appears inviting or cluttered and crowded. There are some design elements which can get your space the feeling of airiness. Maximizing the traffic flow and ridding the space of clutter are indeed essential factors. The proper use of the lighting fixtures can really enlarge the space visually. Your color palette is also critical. By taking into account these elements, you will have a living space which has style and looks to come up with more space and airiness.

Deciding on the Focal Point

First off, you need to decide on the focal point of the area. You may take the entertainment center as the focal point, a piece of furniture or the fireplace. Make sure that you place the chosen piece at certain end of the space. Arrange the rest of the furniture pieces so as to complement the focal point.

Choosing Proper Arrangement

Make sure that you arrange the conversation area opposite the focal point. It can be the sofa or smaller chairs with one table set between them. You need to make sure that you pull the chairs out from the living space walls at slight angle facing one another. If you manage to line all of the furniture up against the living room walls, the space will take on a boxy look which puts more emphasis on the small size. Further justify the conversation area by putting one are rug right under or just in front of the chairs or sofa. You need to keep the colors in the rug soft so it will not divide the space. The last part to do is placing the other chairs or the sofa in order to make them complement the overall arrangement. Ideally you need to be able to seat four to six people.

Bringing in Proper Lighting

This is particularly essential in small living space since it gives the area an illusion of space. You should have at least 4 sources of lighting, be it floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lighting and the windows of course. You can use mirrors for reflecting incoming light and giving the illusion of more airiness. You can hang one or two mirrors on the wall opposite the light source so as to make the space appear larger.

Other Important Tips to Follow

Well the last part should complement the whole arrangement of furniture in small living space. You need to ensure that there is good traffic flow. It is very important that the guests be able to easily move through the space. Just get rid of any excess clutter, unused furniture, or furniture pieces that are too large for the space. In addition, you need to choose palette of softer neutral tones for your walls, major pieces of furniture, and the window treatments. That will get the space more inviting look.


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