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How to Reupholster Accent Living Room Chair

Accent chair can be just any chair which adds warmth as well as taste to your living room. If you have chair which is just sitting in your living space and requires a little love, you can then simple reupholster it. In this case, reupholstering denotes simple and economical way to make your chair alive again. As long as you are meticulous and have some free time to do so, you will have new accent chair so as to show off in just no time at all.

Gather the materials. The materials that you will need cover box cutter, needle-nose pliers, and seam ripper, upholstery fabric, batting, measuring tape, upholstery tacks, welting cord, and needles, chalk, cardboard stripping, and glue gun or fabric glue. You need to make sure that your chair is appropriate, in terms of its height, width, and length. In addition, you need to always get some extra fabric in case you need to make bad cut or measure incorrectly.

Stripping the Old Chair

You can use your needle-nose pliers and then take off the old material by simply pulling out the used staples. You need to ensure that you take it off since this will be the template for your new chair fabric. Once you have entirely take the whole fabric off your chair, you can use the seam ripper or the scissors in order to separate the fabric. You need to make sure that you clearly label the fabric with chalk so you will know where single piece will go. Just take all of the old staples and then tacks off the frame off the chair in order to leave it neat and clea and ready for the new staples.

Preparing the New Fabric

At this point, you need to cut the fabric to use in order to fit the accent chair you chose. Lay the new fabric on the floor and the old one which you removed from the accent chair on top of that. Next, you should trace around the old one onto the new fabric and make sure that you cut out the shape and the pieces from the new one.

Covering the Chair

Next, you should cover the chair using the batting as well as new fabric. Start with the back of your chair and then work your way around. Staple the batting to the chair so as to hold it in place. You need to fold the batting surrounding the corners taut and nice. When you go around the legs, you need to make sure that you frame the legs and then fold the batting neat and nice. Lay the templates you make on the fabric and then cut around them, which leave lots of extra seam space. Next, lay your fabric on your chair and then pin that in place, which starts with the back and you can then work your

way around your chair.

Set your finishing touches on your chair. You may use welting cord if you like or you may make the edges smooth. Just pull the fabric taut and then staple the fabric to the frame used.

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