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How to Set up Your Living Room (50+ ideas)


Without a doubt, a living space can be quite a difficult area to decorate and set up, particularly if it lacks square footage. The living space is mostly where people gather, so it is important to keep this very area neat and perfectly decorated. Space is indeed the common issue for many house owners, yet there are always ways to make even the smallest living space appear cozy and more airy. Hereunder are some tips that you can follow.

Eliminating the Clutter

First off, in order to make sure that you can have inviting and cozy living room, regardless of the narrow size, is to eliminate the clutter, which is an important factor to take into account when you set up the living room. This is due to the fact that any clutter will make the space appear even smaller. Design your living room so that clutter will be non-issue. You can have one place for just everything and then put things away after you finish using them.

Using Minimal Pieces of Furniture

Keeping the pieces of furniture to minimum is indeed important when working on small living space deocoration. The available square footage needs to be taken into account before you make the decision on the furniture. in this regard, too many huge, bulky pieces can really make the living room appear even smaller than it actually is.

The sofa used has to be comfy, since it will be the most frequently used piece of furniture in your living room.  You can also add one or two chairs, if there is sufficient space of course. A rocking chair or glider will take up less space than will the matching chairs which often come with sofa.

Carefully Decorating the Space

The decorative components that you use in the living space will dictate whether the room will feel spacious or small. Paint, in this case, is one of the most essential elements to take into account when working on the decoration of small space. You need something which will make the space feel even bigger. Bright shades are indeed great for that very purpose. The living room can be nicely trimmed in another tone to create perfect match.

Deciding Proper Lighting Features

It is also important to take into account the lighting fixtures in small space. Lots of houses include ceiling light fixture in their living space, yet that is usually not quite attractive and does not provide sufficient illumination on the space. You can, instead, change the light’ cover to go with your house decoration, and then search for energy-efficient lighting which cast softer glow over the space.

Minimum Wall Elements

One large picture set on the wall right above the sofa, and some strategically framed family pictures will surely go a long way. In this case, keeping the wall elements to minimum is important. Low floral centerpiece that is placed on coffee table will get the space simple elegant look. Few books that are stacked on stand will get the space homey feeling.


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