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How to Rearrange Your Living Room (20+ Ideas)


The living space is actually tiny. There is nothing which is imposing or grand about this space. However, that is a high-traffic as well as multifunction space which should advertise your perfect taste and brilliant furniture-arranging knowledge. As such, you need to decide what will suit in and where you should put it before you actually commence shoehorning in the huge couch and inherited classics from the old space of yours. Where you rearrange the furniture in your living room, and what you surround the area with, will determine how well that living space works for you.

A couple of famous designs from Charles and Ray Eames make an appearance

A couple of famous designs from Charles and Ray Eames make an appearance

Rearranging the Furniture

There is no rule which says that every single living space must be adorned with sofa. You can always skip that step and then, instead, free up a lot of space in your living space, without necessarily sacrificing the seating inside. Then you need to cluster individual chairs-matching club chairs, reclining lounger and footstool which is angled nicely into a corner, a leather-covered poufs, or upholstered ottomans which can double as tables with one tray or a seating without-around one pair of clear acrylic end tables, which can pushed together so as to form coffee table. Under the conversation clustering, you can have a décor-friendly carpet, faded oriental, abstract modern- which will pull the whole living room together. To complete the living room arrangement, you can set several floor lamps with curved tubing which will allow you to reposition them at your disposal, since they do not call forth a table base and will work as reading lighting or ambient one.

Working with the Open Place Space

Sometimes the open plan space is not always so open as it can be really awkward L. whether your kitchen flows into your dining room and living space gets the short part of the L, or narrow living space empties into truncated dining room, you can have balancing challenge. In order to deal with this, you should define your conversation site in the living room with large carpet, which will organize the main seating entirely or partially on your carpet and create the sense of intimacy by setting two chairs to be replaced toward the sofa or loveseat. You can designate leftover spaces for display cabinets and storage, quite reading nook or music corner. Installing a translucent divide existing between the dining and living areas-curtain of clear plastic shapes that are strung on invisible wiring or latticework screen. You can use one accent wall in your dining room in order to set it apart, which will leave the expanse of your living room walls undisturbed.

Proper Colors in the Living Space

Basically controlling the eyes with tone in small living room does not mean that everything needs to be clear white. You can consider rich aubergine grass clothing on your walls which are framed by nice glossy white trim, set under white ceiling. You need to maintain the focus on high-gloss white for the window framing, shading, window seat, and under-window radiator, which can create the light of oasis in your living space. The ceiling-to-floor silk drapes the same tone as is the grass cloth are perfectly elegant and nullify the boundaries existing between the window and wrap-around grass.


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